Scottish Terriers are awesome little dogs.  You will either LOVE a Scottie or you won't like them.  They aren't a "fit" for everyone.  If you aren't a good disciplinarian, a Scottie may not be the dog for your family.  They were originally bred to hunt burrowing small animals.  They have short legs and big feet.  They will dig in your yard if they think there's something underground for them to hunt.  The hunter instinct in them is very strong.  Do NOT trust a Scottie to stay by your side without being restrained by a leash or a fence.  If something moves, they will chase it and they won't come back home.  That hunter instinct is just too strong.  Scotties are not good swimmers, and should always be supervised closely around water.   They are very independent dogs.  They will love you unconditionally but on THEIR terms.  If you have a Scottie in your home, it's like having a 5-year-old child with you....lots of energy, lots of loving and a little attitude.  Wheaten Scotties are often confused with West Highland Terriers - "Westies", but Scotties and Westies are 2 separate breeds.
Our babies will have been dewormed 3 times, had their first puppy shot and a microchip. 

We no longer ship our puppies.  I will be glad to meet you at the OKC airport if you want to fly in to get your puppy.   

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Call or email me for more information or to place a deposit on a puppy.  I have a "Paid Deposit" list of people who have already paid the deposit and are actually in line to get an upcoming puppy.  We do NOT reserve a puppy without a deposit.  See our "Availability" page to see if we have any puppies that we don't have a deposit on, and see our "Upcoming Puppies" page for photos and information about the puppies we are soon expecting.  We almost always have a waiting list so place your deposit early to actually get in line for your puppy.

We no longer allow strangers to come to our home.  I meet people to delivery their puppy at a public location here in Shawnee.  
"Hi, Ya'll!!!!"
Click HERE to watch Casie's "Fergus" 
               learn his new trick!!!!
Typically our babies are sold before they are born.  Rarely do we have puppies old enough to leave that aren't sold.  They are reserved in the order that the deposits are paid, and in birth order.  If you are sure that you want a puppy, I urge you to pay the deposit, to insure your place on my waiting list.  Puppies are NOT held without a deposit.  Deposits are non-refundable so please be sure that a Scottie is really what you want.
"Mom makes such a great pillow......
ahhhhh, what a life!"

Scotties are very adaptable dogs.  They do well in apartments as well as homes with large yards.  If you live in an apartment, it's very important that your Scottie be taken out several times a day.  Not only do they need to "do their duty", but they also need to get rid of the excess energy they've built up by staying quiet and inside all day.  

Scotties are very hardy dogs.  My dogs are outside, in the Oklahoma cold and heat, year around.  I keep their hair long in the winter, for extra warmth.  I groom them in early spring and keep their hair short all summer.  They have plenty of shade and misters along the back side of their dog runs.  They have food and fresh water available at all times.  My pregnant females spend the latter part of their pregnancy indoors so that I can monitor their progress as they get closer to delivery.  They all do well, either inside or outside.

Scotties are not loner dogs.  They are much much happier when they have a playmate.  While Scotties are not hyper, they do have alot of energy and they need a playmate to help "play off" some of that energy.  A bored Scottie will get into trouble.  They may become destructive or develop emotional problems.  They were born with siblings and were raised with other puppies.  When they no longer have the other puppies to play with, they will look for other ways to occupy their time, and sometimes in a negative way.
"Snugglin' with Mom"
Reckon' it was about a year ago I was sitting here at home going 'what did I just do'. I just sent a lady I don't know, that I found on the internet, money for a dog that isn't even born yet. 

Now only one year later I am honored to say this Thanksgiving that meeting and getting to know Pam is one of the events in my life I am most thankful for. She is a blessing and a treasure. If you're thinking about buying a pup from her and worried about your money… got news for you. You are about to make one of the best transactions in your life.
                                                                                                                Mike Davidson
                                                                                                                  Portales, NM
"I was very impressed with the definitely know what you are doing!"
                                                                                                Madeline Klajnbart
                                                                                                     Enterprise, AL
"My experience from adopting from Pam was nothing short of amazing from beginning  Getting to see the pictures and videos of your growing puppy is too fun and makes actually getting them infinitely more exciting.  I still stay in contact with Pam to this day about Darcy and will always do so!  Darcy is the cutest-everyone has to stop and say hello to her when were out and she has a larger then life personality that makes her such a joy.  I could never thank Pam enough for bringing me my new family member-there are just no words to express how much that means to me and Darcy and to our life together.  Thanks a million Pam!"
                                                                                                     Allison Flanagan
                                                                                                        Ft. Worth, TX

Our puppies are registered AKC Limited (American Kennel Club) or CKC (Continental Kennel Club).  Some of my adult Scotties are dually registered with AKC and CKC.
We are an AKC inspected home.  Our babies are born, raised and socialized indoors.  Our puppies are offered softened food at 3 weeks old and are weaned at 5 weeks old.  Some breeders believe that a dog should nurse her puppies until they are at least 8 weeks old.  I do not force my Mama dogs to nurse once the babies have needle sharp teeth.  Scotties usually have sharp, sharp teeth by the time they are 5 weeks old.  Continued nursing by Mom puts her at risk of contracting mastitis, an infection and severe inflammation of the mammory glands.  If left untreated, it can be lethal to Mom and can make puppies very sick by drinking the contaminated milk.  

By the time they leave here, they are eating hard dry food straight out of the bag.
Teeth at 5 weeks old....
Our Scottie puppies are all $600 each effective 10/15/2013....Limited AKC or  CKC registration, Black or Wheaten, male or female.  They will come with their registration application, Health Record and One Year Genetic Disease Health Guarantee.  They will be dewormed 3 times, have had their first puppy shot and a microchip.    
Click HERE to watch Piper play in the water.  She LOVES the water hose!
Click HERE to read our Rehoming policy
Click HERE to see a video of some of our previous puppies at play.  They are 6-7 weeks old in the video.
Our puppies and dogs receive excellent care from Northside Veterinary Hospital here in Shawnee.  Dr. Natalie Keith and Dr. Tracy Trussell take excellent care of their needs.  Their website is and their phone number is 405-273-3700.  
Member of the American Kennel Club for over 30                          years.
"The new SPCA and Humane Society commercials just make me cry every single time I see them.  It makes me so thankful for people like you who treat their animals with such amazing care and ensure they go to great people and not just anyone.  Give all the puppies a big hug for me - because they deserve it." 

                                                                                           Allison Flanagan
                                                                                              Ft. Worth, TX
A friend of mine makes Scottie quilts.  She made the ones in the photos.  She also makes personalized Scottie Christmas tree skirts.  She charges $195 for a queen size quilt.  (Different prices for different sizes.)  If you are interested in one, email me for more information.  My email address in listed on the Contact page of this website.  She does awesome work and is willing to try to make them the color you want.
Our Scotties are Limited AKC and/or CKC registered.  American Kennel Club (AKC) is the oldest and largest registering agency in the United States.  They have been in existence for over 100 years.  Continental Kennel Club (CKC) is a much younger registering agency, being in existence for a little over 20 years now.  There are really only 2 differences in the cannot breed an AKC dog to a CKC dog and register puppies with either AKC or CKC.  Both parents must be from the same registering affiliate.  The 2nd difference is cannot show a CKC dog in an AKC dog show, or have them compete in their agility trials.  If you do not plan to breed or show your Scottie, there is basically no difference in the 2 registries.  You cannot look at a dog and tell whether they are AKC or CKC registered.  You cannot watch the behavior of a dog and tell whether they are AKC or CKC registered.  You cannot look at an older Scottie and tell whether their longevity is attributed to their AKC or CKC registration.  Having an AKC Scottie does not mean that they are better quality, or have better health, or are show quality.  It only means that AKC is the registering agency that both of their parents are registered with.  Some of my Scotties are dually registered with AKC and CKC.  Some of the puppies on this page are AKC, some are CKC.
Click HERE to watch my husband and Krissee sharing some Scottie lovin'.....
Pam, I am in love with this puppy. We named her Jade, our precious gem.  Please use my name as a reference. I could not of been more pleased with the whole experience. As for the adoption process, it could not of gone any better.  I feel you went above board with all the pics and the info you sent me.  The price was great and she is so worth every penny.  I will be sending pics soon.
                                                                                                               Thanks again
                                                                                                               Cheryl Michel
                                                                                                               Attleboro, ME
In green.....
In blue....
In red....
Click HERE to watch Jennifer's Aiden doing his High 5 trick.
Effective November 30, 2012, we will begin selling our puppies with Limited Registration.  We do not require a spay/neuter contract.  There will be an extra charge for full registration with breeding rights.
Our first litter of mixed Black and Wheaten puppies, within the same litter....5 Wheatens and 3 Blacks.  Their Mom is Black their Dad is Wheaten.
Click HERE to watch Micah's "Bristolle" shake hands....
Click HERE to watch 5-week-old puppies eating their veggies.
Black and Wheaten Scotties....